Picked Up

Picked Up some drunk chicked named Erin at a club last night, it was an easy bang, I snuck out of her place in the morning while she was still sleeping.

Had to post this

Gotta Love it!


Russian Girls

I found this Russian Singles site, maybe that’s what I need, to buy a wife from Russia and not deal with the American Girl attitudes. Hmmmmmmmmmmm


I’m going to see Carrie again tonight. She coming over and were just stay in. No reason to spend any more money on the girl!


Lily definitely was easy an easy lay yesterday. She wasn’t tight at all though, I was getting bored so started putting my finger in her ass, she liked it so we did some anal. It wasn’t the best, but hey it was a wednesday night, so not a bad night.


I’m supposed to meet with this girl Lily from Wild Adult Dating tonight. Let”s see if she’s as crazy as she says shes is.

Last Night

Last night I just went out with the boys, it’s rare that we hang anymore. The bar had like 2 hot girls, but none of us felt like trying we were just telling our stories

Saturday Night

Okay last night will be on my funny date list. I met up with this girl Carrie , I met off of Casaul D , we were having a good time at the bar at Friday”s , I was about to kiss her for the first time, and SHE ACTUALLY SNEEZED ON ME! While it”s kind of disgusting it was funny as hell too. I’ll remember that one. She was pretty easy, I railed her without trying much.