Last Night

Last night was okay, the only part of my body that got any good action was my fingers though.

She seems pretty sensual, but the conversations were boring, I’ll give her another try.


I’m going to see Cindy again tonight. We”ll see how it goes. I’m also had some long conversions with this girl Jen from , I’m trying to get her to meet up.  I still have the movie Hostel in my head. That was a damn good movie.

Last Night

Last night I went to dinner and a movie with this girl Cindy I met in a club 2 weeks ago. It was the first date, she was very quite during dinner. Then at the movies we were watching Hostel, it was a great scary movie, she starting snuggling close, I didn’t want to make a much of a move then, because the movie was so good. Then when I took her home I tried to get inside, but she said no, so we just kissed good night.

Rate Pictures

I found this site where you rate pictures, , lots of the girls are too young for me, but I starting talking to a few in there late 20’s through. Let’s see how that goes.

Joined Some Sites

Yesterday I joined a couple dating sites. I”ll start going through the profiles tonight and emailing some girls and see if I have any luck with them.